Wednesday, 16 May 2012

syiir tanpo waton

syiir "tanpo waton" by Gus Dur

I started singing syi'ir
with praise to God
who gives grace and pleasure
day and night without accounting for
O 'man and a woman friend
Just do not just learn Shari'ah
only good at talking, writing and reading
Tomorrow will be miserable
many who memorized the Qur'an and hadith
happy to accuse others disbelieved
Ignore your own kafirnya
if still dirty hearts and minds
easily persuaded savage lust
ornaments glitter in the world
envy and jealousy neighboring property
then her dark and ignominious
do not let you forget
necessity of reviewing complete with rules
to strengthen the faith tauhidnya
good provision of noble death
The so-called pious heart is good
since established a complete knowledge
run institute and ma'rifatny
it is also pervasive nature
Glorious revelation of the Qur'an qodim
without written can be read
qualified teacher's advice
plugged in the chest
stick in the hearts and minds
permeates the whole body and liver
miracles Prophet (Al-Qur'an) so the guidelines
faith as a means of entrance
To Allah the Most Holy
should be closer to the day and night
earnestly endeavored to ihlas
dhikr and mysticism do not forget them
her life serene feel safe
mantabnya sense of faith mark
patient receives his life despite a mediocre
it is the destiny of God
to friends, relatives and neighbors
the pillars do not fight
the noble Prophet's Sunnah
Prophet Muhammad role model we
let's live it
God will lift degree
Although the lower display dhohirnya
but the noble rank of rank in the sight of Allah
when death has come at the end of his life
not lost the spirit and his soul
God of heaven coveted place
whole body was also winding sheet

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